Death of Fashion : Story Crisis

I’m going through some story… crisis? I’m not quite happy with the original story idea. Mostly because I realized that I don’t have an ending. Here are two of the final scenarios….

“Death is new on the job and has come to take the soul of a withering fashion model. But before he does, he notices an intriguing array of clothing on a rack in the distance. He then starts trying on some outfits and gets a bit carried away. His instructor then interrupts by appearing and shaking his head in disappointment and shame as he catches the new trainee in human ladies clothes.”

Grimmy is attending The Reaper Academy, and today is his first G.R.I.M. exam! The mission is to take the soul of one of the famous Pigment Sisters, the greatest models in the world. Red is the youngest of the Pigment sisters, and is withering away thanks to her refusal to eat any food. Has Red finally met her end!? Is Grimmy going to pass!? And what will his supervisor think!? STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT!!!!

So, any ideas? I also need one good sentence to describe/sell the whole thing.

Like I said, CRISIS!!!