Ding dong the screen is dead

 So completing my ninja and ABC posts are 
going to be difficult.. well because...


So, for now, I give you what I sketched at this morning's faculty meeting! 
One of my biggest critiziems from one of my friends is that I don't
 post my sketches as often as I draw/could.

 Also yeah! I drew those in a FACULTY meeting! I am now CCAD faculty! 

This week has had it's ups and downs, so I say:

 Haha stay tuned folks =] 

Mariah Carey #Beautiful

Thanks to my momma, I grew up listening to Mariah Carey, and thus, 
she is one of my favorite musical artists and I made this.

Her new album, The Art of Letting Go, is fixin to come out soon 
and #Beautiful, feat Miguel, is one of the tracks. Here's the 
video the caricatures are based of!

I'm Fix-It Felix Jr., ma'am...

...from the game Fix-it Felix Jr.

It's come to my attention that I never posted this!
This was a Secret Santa gift for my friend 

Beauty and the Bus

I saw this lady on the bus and needed to draw her! 
Such beautiful and striking features!

Tell me I'm your National Anthem

 I made some caricatures of the gorgeous Lana Del Rey!
Very much inspired by my friend Christian Cimoroni.

Version 1

 Version 2
Which one is your favorite?

 I'm actually really pleased with how they turned 
out and where it look's like my work is going. I've been trying
to track progress and trends in my
work, so I made this.

 Well, at least my work is better than it was 2 years back!

Hahah Ok, see ya later folks.

Learning my ABC's again hahaha

 So, 2 years back I started drawing the ABC's with my 
good friend Margaret Hardy. Then, school started back up for me, 
and she was all graduated and being an adult haha. So now
 I start again! This time around I'll be doing it with
the oh so talented Danielle Law! 
 So here we go! 

Some Finalists 
And Sketches

 So, no limits on content or anything, just flexing our art muscles.
 This week I did more character sketching, using the
letter "A" as my inspiration. We'll be posting
once a week, prolly Sundays?
 So see ya next week!

Ninja Skills 101: FLY PALMING

"So... one of my best buddies and I 
came to a stand still on which is 
better... and thus started 
Ninja's vs Pirates"

This week, I highlight a special skill I realized I have hahah >=]
I palm killed a legendary amount of flies at work today. 
A fine "ninja"ing day indeed.

Some sketchings, warm ups, and so on...

Now, be off my fellow ninja's, and

Practice makes perfect hahah

Also, check out this week's lame Pirate post by Tyler Crowley!
Also, last week's post.

Bekah Nunn, Witches, and Butts

 So, here's a long promised portrait I just 
finished of one of my best friends, Bekah Nunn!

A little something about this picture. Bekah loves: 

1) TeenWolf
 So, I gave her the red hoodie of her favorite character, Stiles Stilinski.
Fun Fact: Her pet cat's name is Stiles Stilinskitty.

2)Captain America
So, I threw a star on the front of that hoodie.

3)Pacific Rim
So, I put some blue streaks in her hair like Mako's.

4) Sons of Anarchy
So, I put a spiked leather jacket on Stiles haha as he
plays with these diamond ice cube toys she got him.

Here's a little process. Wishing I had saved the sketching 
process, but there's always next time!

While we're on the topic of Bekah haha she's also 
in this image I just made. Also featuring the no good 
dirty pirate Tyler Crowley and space puppy Sarah Schmidt.

^How I see the world^
 ^Real Life^

Side note... 
I might try doing an animation 
test like "How I see the world" eh?
Stay tuned.

And I'll top things off with a little Instagram dump full of 
Witches, Cherub character designs, bus sketching, and so on.

Cheers everyone!