Death in Fashion Final Story?

Here we go!!!!

Title screen on a white background

We follow Violet’s body as she walks by the screen.

The "Pigment Sister" models are each sitting at their vanity, getting ready for the fashion show.

Their agent is running back and forth.

We come in on Red as she is stumbling towards her station.

Red, exhausted, falls into her chair.

Orange comes over and tries to convince her to eat something.

Their agent, standing by an eccentric Designer, interrupts by calling all the models to their fitting.

All the models get up and walk out of the room, leaving Red behind.

Red is looks rurl weak… and… then… suddenly…



The room goes dark and smoky, and the grim reaper appears.


He sees Red and swoops in for the kill…. Face to face with her.

In the distance, doing a double take, he notices her dress hanging up.

The whole mood of the scene changes and Grimmy’s eyes grow big as his true personality shows.

He tries on the outfit and a nearby red wig.

He poses in the outfit.

Suddenly his instructor interrupts by appearing and shaking his head in disappointment and shame as he catches his new trainee in human ladies clothing.

The instructor, in frustration, whips out a a clipboard and turns his scythe into scythe pen.

He takes notes on Grimmy’s performance...

Grimmy, worried, and still in red’s outfit, tries to look over his instructors shoulder, but is shooed away.

His instructor finishes, turns around and takes Grimmy’s scythe via poof.

He then takes reds soul and... POOF! Disappears.

Destroyed, Grimmy looks like he’s about to cry.

Red’s agent walks in and sees Grimmy, then in aw drops her phone at the perfection.

She pushes red’s lifeless out of the chair and sits Grimmy down.

She begins to give him a bunch of papers, giving him a job to replace red.

Grimmy’s eyes begin to light up with joy.

Flashes of photography white out the screen and the title screen appears again.

The end =]

Here's some thought process... trying to figure out what the room might be like, and what the style of the storyboards might look like.

Next step.... Storyboarding! SO excited!!!