My Shinobi way!

 So one of my best buddies and I came to a stand 
still on which is better... and thus started

I don't think I need to tell you guys which is better... 

And we'll be posting  about our prospective sides every Saturday!
I hope to pay tribute to all walks of ninja life each week.

Some warm up sketches:

Now, I know you guys know who is better... unless you're a drunk pirate fool

Testing, testing

 Howdy ya'll. Here's a little update for ya'll. 

Firstly, I've been doing these little collage pieces, kinda goin for the cut paper look.

Also, more tests!

Test 4

Test 5
Motion Tracking/Compositing


I think, I'm going to color and make more of these.

 Annndddd, more instagram dumping. You know, archiving and all that.