The Death of Fashion : Final character designs

This is the final cast for an animation I'm working towards

The Story
Grimmy is attending The Reaper Academy, and today is his first G.R.I.M. exam! The mission is to take the soul of one of the of famous Pigment Sisters, the greatest models in the world. Red is the the youngest of the Pigment sisters, and is withering away thanks to her refusal to eat any food. Has Red finally met her end!? Is Grimmy going to pass!? And what will his supervisor think!? STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT!!!!

The story is still in the works, but that's basically it!
Here's some of the process I went into for creating this piece.
Oh and here's some process on the models

Any input, critique, thoughts, questions, hints, or tips welcome!!!
No seriously....

Bring it!!!
haha Forgive me, I'm so sleeeeppppppppyyyyy!!!

Have a good day!!!

Snow Princess designs and The Jungle Book

Some Snow Princess poses. I'm trying to figure her out. I like the last one most.

Also, I did these in class today and thought I'd post them

A Deadly Instructor

My third character for the short I'm working towards! This is Grimmy's instructor who's always disappointed in Grimmy's performance.

I think I like the hood, though I'm not sure...
What do you guys think?

Here's some process!

I'm personally digging the hands! Any thoughts though?
Any critique, thoughts, questions, hints, or tips welcome?!

Agent 077

Born in Italy, Agent Zero Double Seven has curly black hair and is extremely lazy. When he's not killing, he's reading, and when he's not reading, he's probably taking a nap. All that aside, he's actually a pretty nice guy, and quite the ladies man. He's just as sly as he is cunning... and boy he is a cunning fox! Heck, he's almost as slick as the red vest he's always wearing. Who needs to work hard when you're this good at what you do!?

I'mma Fan

We had a photo project in which we were to play with exposure.
For fun, I made this in Photoshop.

What can't Photoshop do!?

Anyhow, these are my two favorite images from the assignment.
Mostly because they don't exactly look like fans.

I'll be posting a character design tonight!
So stay tuned!!!!

More character process for Death

I'm still not convinced that I've fully flushed out his design, so I'm still trying things out... Any thoughts?

Death Character

Working on my death character for the short I'm working on...
I added a floor, what do you think?

Here's a little thought process.....
I'll be posting some more process pictures in a few hours!

Ok, sooo... any thoughts?

Green tea bath

They're very relaxing

Some portraits

Found these old portraits from a drawing class that I took 2 years back and thought I'd throw them on here =]


Fashion model and silhouette attempt.

Working on making a more interesting

Hungry for Fashion

Here's a update, in the form of a character design, for my short. This is the fashion model character who would be on the verge of death. I'm thinking she just looks like a topical fashion model and not like she's about to meet her end? Back to the drawing board! Any ideas?

I also experimented with having my characters on a white background verses a gray background. I think I like the white one more, but it would seem that most animation character designs are done on gray backgrounds. Any opinions on the matter?

Some first attempts at creating silhouettes.

Death in Fashion

This is a rough concept for a animation I plan on doing this semester. Basically, it's going to be some sort of interaction between death and fashion. I have two scenarios.

Scenario 1:
Death is new on the job and has come to take the soul of a withering fashion model. But before he does, he notices a intriguing array of clothing on a rack in the distance. He then starts trying on some outfits and gets a bit carried away. His intructor then interrupts by appearing and shaking his head in disappointment and shame as he catches the new trainee in human ladies clothes.

Scenario 2:
Death has come to take the soul of a withering fashion model. He cant help but notice that the two of them look a awful lot alike. The model wakes up and the two of them continue to try on clothes together... until death accidentally touches his new friend.

Both rough ideas. I generally like them both. What do you guys think?

Girl Sketch