Warming up

I love making these!
Sometimes I hash out a bunch as a creative exercise to flex my art muscles.

Very much inspired by design oriented artists such as Pablo Picasso, as well as
 mid-century design, and old style children's books... maybe art
deco as well? Who knows haha

Tadpoles, Pinocchio, and Coffee

Some more observation sketches and even some tadpole concept work.

A water color of Pinocchio. I don't think I've nailed his 
design yet, but I'm getting there!!!

And last but not least, my general feelings on coffee

Critique? Questions? Comments?

My dream job! And a painting

"Hey Rico, we wanna pay you
to draw in your sketchbook all day....
That cool?" 

I cant even begin to explain to you guys how happy drawing makes me...
I never feel more in my element then when I am hunched over my sketchbook.

Here are some observation sketches from a local park.

And here's a painting style test based off one of the 
sketches from above...

Critique? Questions? Comments?

Did you see that? I made a gif!