Gotta have my Jacks!

So here's the thing, I've been drawing like a madman for the past week or so, but only in my sketchbook.... I have a 11x14 sketchbook and a 8.5x11 scanner. SO scanning is a hassle! So forgive the lack of posting and the awful scrap booking! haha
I've been a Lumberjack kick for awhile now. My friend/mentor Steve Galgas has me doing some things with them too, and I'm super excited to see where things go.

I also couldn't help but think of my friend Porkchop the whole time I was making these.

I also drew my rat today =]

Character exploration

Lumber Jack

I think I like where this is going =]

More painting practice

I can't help but feel like the color on my Cintiq doesn't
match up with the colors on my monitor

Do these colors look fine? Maybe a little gray?

More animal sketches


Not quite there, but closer than ever

Some studies from Posemaniacs

Studying some anatomy for some characters soon to come (mostly Manny)

As school is closed for break, I no longer have access to a scanner

I tried to spice them up... although I'm afraid I may have just made things worse haha

The best painting I've ever made ever

So, I've really liked and admired the paintings and work of Josh Black... And in one of my many attempts to get better at painting, I studied his work hardcore (especially his painting of Jack) and did a portrait of Manny, one of the Smith Brothers....

So how do I feel about this?
So yeah, expect some more paintings heading your way!

Girl I'm finna dance

Winter Break has started, so I'm getting into TURBO art mode so I can get an internship!!!!!

Painting Practice

I was playing around with some brushes and thought it turned out pretty nice =]

Doodle Sheet

Doodle McSketcha Drawathon

Learning animals

I've been training myself on how to draw animals!

Some of these studies might not make sense to anyone but me haha
I wanna be able to draw them and make them up from memory

As could probably already tell, I used The Lion King, Bolt, Tangled, Balto, and The Jungle Book as reference. I find it easier to dissect animals after seeing how others have simplified their bodies =]

I'm not done with this adventure yet though! So expect more animal sketches in the future!!!

Mama Odie and Madame Medusa

Some hand studies in which Mama Odie was the model
And a sketch of Madame Medusa.
In my reference she looked like she could be cold, so I put her in a sweater dress.

Meet the Smiths

The Blacksmiths


I've never really drawn cars before. So I thought I'd give it a try!

Also, I found these two movie posters of Dreamwork's The Croods, and Rise of the Guardians. I'm insanely pumped for these!!!!

Haunters at Midnight and Tumblr

I recently joined the Tumblr craze, and there's this Pokemon thing going on....

The theme changes everyday, and today's theme is ghost Pokemon, and I LOOOVE HAUNTER!

Here's My Tumblr!!!

Little guys

Beyonce caricature

This is a hw assignment for class. We're supposed to caricature a celebrity into an animal.

I've discovered that Beyonce has a specific color palette.

I've been VERY conflicted on whether or not to post this, mostly cause it's so stiff, but Bethany convinced me to =]

Some old shape exercises

Dug these up and thought I'd post them!

Possible new banner?

This is my new rat, she is everything to me! Look how pretty she is!

Plants and things

She got that super bass

Learning to draw horses

Working on teaching myself to draw horses!
I set this up as a timeline, so check out my journey! I don't even know what some of those first drawings are haha