How I just spent my night

Couldn't sleep
Stayed up late
Had to wake up at 6am
Didn't wanna sleep past my alarm clock

To explain what is underneath my laptop.... the fan doesn't really work, so I keep it levitated on rolls of tape so it can get more air haha


This is the second installment of the ABC project! Can you spot all of the B's?

Again, the main point of this project is to be experimenting different designs, styles, and methods. I spent far too long on this one hahah I really got into some of them =]

So what do you guys think? Any more or less successful? Improvements? Critique?

Thanks for checking it out!

It starts with the letter "A"

A very good friend of mine, and very VERY talented artist, Margaret Hardy, and I have decided to start a "ABC" project together! No limits, just create things based off the assigned letter at that time. Today is the first day!

I mostly used this assignment to experiment with some thing's. I also tried to draw the first thing that came to mind. Some are more finished than others ;P

First, "A" tree!
"A" cone
"A" chair
"A" Christmas trio?
"A" Ninja... OR A MUMMY!?
And "A" light space man!

Hope you guys enjoyed that! I didnt do any in lower case... perhaps that will come later this week? We'll be posting a new letter every week or so. SO STAY TUNED!

Oh, and be sure to check out Margaret's!

Peachy Keen

This started out as a orange ball.... then I got carried away haha
I'm really starting to like this whole painting thing.

What do ya think?
I didn't use any reference, so sorry if the likeness is a bit off

nom nom nom

Sunny Side up

I think I may be getting the hang of this painting thing eh?
What do you guys think?

Just dance

Practice painting I started yesterday!
Any suggestions?

Flower Study and BRAVE

Here's a Flower study I did!
Things I've learned?

1) The leaves and petals of this particular flower are very wrinkled. I LIKE IT!

2) The thickness of the two sides of a leaf (And I'm assuming all leaves of any plant) gets really small before it connects to the spine of the leaf.

3) There are a lot of little hairs on the leaves and stems of this flower. It's also a little sticky.

I also discovered that there were teeny weeny dead bugs stuck to the plant. I assumed this was because the hairs and stickiness. It made me think of how some carnivorous plants do the same sort of thing. Then I got to wondering what that might look like. I mean, how do you eat something through your skin? So I drew that too haha

I also attempted drawing one of the leaves using light instead on line. To my dismay, it ended up just looking like I was drawing with shapes... And then I couldn't resist adding some line. But it's a step in the right direction right? haha

I'm SO pumped for Brave! For those who don't know, it's Pixar's upcoming film (Comes out June 22, 2012).
Here's the Trailer & Wiki as well as a little compilation of some teaser images I've found and put together.

Have a great day!

Flower Study