Lovely lady lumps?

Just some figure drawings from Pixelovely's Figure Drawing Tool. 
You know, learning anatomy and all that =] 

Flirting with the abstract

I'm continuing to explore, experiment, and warm up with some design 
elements in line & shape.

I've been playing with contour line as well. I figure I'd start small, like with flowers!

Also trying to find a satisfying painting style. I'm kind of diggin this.
Reminds me of the Beauty and the Beast rose a bit.

Finals Stress

Day light savings + finals = Sadness 

Bethany and I
in the labs
all day


Just some portraits of a very Leyendecker esque guy in class & my sister.

Fun fact:
The Leyendecker guy (Nigel) makes his own bow ties.

Eating hearts

 When I was little, I would peel my oranges and pretend they were hearts. I would crush them and suck all the juice out as though I was Nosferatu or something haha. I don't think my mom appreciated the mess.

I also vaguely remember thinking bikes were enormous.

Fix it Felix Jr.

Well Jiminy Jaminy, it's Fix-it Felix Jr., from the game Fix-it Felix Jr.

Pinocchio, Gepetto, and his daughter

Alas, the semester is near an end... and a busy semester it has been!

Here's some more Pinocchio sketches.

Still hashing out some ideas in the story and the designs. I'm glad the
semester is at an end so that I can get back to my personal work!