I've been starting to take a good hard look at the different ways that I draw. 

Here's another link!

Lighting with Jeremy Vickery

SO, I JUST finished Practical Light and Color with Jeremy Vickery, and let me tell you, this guy knows his stuff. The lectures opened my eyes to a lot of things I had NO CLUE about, and things I thought I might have a clue about, but wasn't sure why. I could talk about it for days, but instead I'll just say I see things differently for sure. 

I made this in the midst of being inspired and enlightened. 

Jeremy is a lighter at Pixar Animation Studios, and a damn good painter too. It's no wonder he's doing lighting at a big animation studio like Pixar, cause he seems to really get lighting, color AND atmosphere!
(Find a link to his DeviantArt on the right side.)

Other than that I decided I want to starting ending each blog post with a link to something... anything really, just just depends 0.o

Hotel character sketches

New blog style and banner!

The Candy Witch strikes again! This image is half of my new banner.

I'll be adding some more treats to her tray, maybe Hansel and
 Gretel's heads?!!? Hahah no that would be gross =]

Derp bird

Some character exploration for something I'm working on.

My first video game sidescroller!

A style/look test for my first sidescroller game!
It's a very exciting class assignment!