Out on the water

Some studies/sketches from a few photos I found online =]

Thumbnails for the Death of Fashion Storyboard

Making progress on some progress. This is basically scene 1...

Scene 1
Intro to the Pigment Sisters, Red enters the room and turns down Oranges food.

Scene 2
All the models leave the room, Red dies from starvation, and then Grimmy's scary entrance.

Scene 3
Gimmy seeing, trying on, and then being caught in Red's clothes and getting fired.

Scene 4
The Pigment Sister's Agent finding Grimmy and hiring him to replace Red.

A seedy hotel owner

My first attempt at a character for a team project in character design class. She's owns of hotel that has a lot more to it then it may seem....

Also, here's a ghost girl sketch I'm REALLY into ghosts lately 0___o

Golden Plains

It started out as a landscape....
Then I added a girl to add interest....

Here they both are because I couldn't decide which was the best.
I also put a filter on one because I wanted to see how it would change!

Also here's some more of the face study/practice I'm working on.

Still churning out concept and story

 Playing around with environment, angles, and character

The Death of Fashion

How to train your expressions

Ive been working on expressions and I have 75!
Here's a sneak peak of whats soon to come!
And here are some sketch's from today's character design class.

Squid Billies Redesign

This was a class assignment to redesign a character that we thought might need redesigning... so I chose Squid Billies: Early Cuyler!

Death in Fashion Final Story?

Here we go!!!!

Title screen on a white background

We follow Violet’s body as she walks by the screen.

The "Pigment Sister" models are each sitting at their vanity, getting ready for the fashion show.

Their agent is running back and forth.

We come in on Red as she is stumbling towards her station.

Red, exhausted, falls into her chair.

Orange comes over and tries to convince her to eat something.

Their agent, standing by an eccentric Designer, interrupts by calling all the models to their fitting.

All the models get up and walk out of the room, leaving Red behind.

Red is looks rurl weak… and… then… suddenly…



The room goes dark and smoky, and the grim reaper appears.


He sees Red and swoops in for the kill…. Face to face with her.

In the distance, doing a double take, he notices her dress hanging up.

The whole mood of the scene changes and Grimmy’s eyes grow big as his true personality shows.

He tries on the outfit and a nearby red wig.

He poses in the outfit.

Suddenly his instructor interrupts by appearing and shaking his head in disappointment and shame as he catches his new trainee in human ladies clothing.

The instructor, in frustration, whips out a a clipboard and turns his scythe into scythe pen.

He takes notes on Grimmy’s performance...

Grimmy, worried, and still in red’s outfit, tries to look over his instructors shoulder, but is shooed away.

His instructor finishes, turns around and takes Grimmy’s scythe via poof.

He then takes reds soul and... POOF! Disappears.

Destroyed, Grimmy looks like he’s about to cry.

Red’s agent walks in and sees Grimmy, then in aw drops her phone at the perfection.

She pushes red’s lifeless out of the chair and sits Grimmy down.

She begins to give him a bunch of papers, giving him a job to replace red.

Grimmy’s eyes begin to light up with joy.

Flashes of photography white out the screen and the title screen appears again.

The end =]

Here's some thought process... trying to figure out what the room might be like, and what the style of the storyboards might look like.

Next step.... Storyboarding! SO excited!!!


As always..... trying some things out! What do you think?

I'm not so sure...

Trying some things out =]

Death of Fashion : Story Crisis

I’m going through some story… crisis? I’m not quite happy with the original story idea. Mostly because I realized that I don’t have an ending. Here are two of the final scenarios….

“Death is new on the job and has come to take the soul of a withering fashion model. But before he does, he notices an intriguing array of clothing on a rack in the distance. He then starts trying on some outfits and gets a bit carried away. His instructor then interrupts by appearing and shaking his head in disappointment and shame as he catches the new trainee in human ladies clothes.”

Grimmy is attending The Reaper Academy, and today is his first G.R.I.M. exam! The mission is to take the soul of one of the famous Pigment Sisters, the greatest models in the world. Red is the youngest of the Pigment sisters, and is withering away thanks to her refusal to eat any food. Has Red finally met her end!? Is Grimmy going to pass!? And what will his supervisor think!? STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT!!!!

So, any ideas? I also need one good sentence to describe/sell the whole thing.

Like I said, CRISIS!!!

Lion King sketches and Madam Mother redesign

I'm reworking some style things in Madam Mother's design.

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died today.
I made this caricature in his memory.
February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011

Team 4 Character Designs

I'm EXTREMELY indifferent over which version is more successful.
Any thoughts?

Any input, critique, thoughts, questions, hints, or tips welcome!!!

Who's that Pokemon?!

"Sneak peek of some character design's I'm working on!"

Who's that Pokemon?!

"Sneak peak of some character designs."

The cat goes mrow

I was showing a really good friend of mine, Bethany Craig, how I paint.. and I actually kind of enjoy the example I ended up making... so here ya go!

This is a space man...

And I think I'm going to start making one of these every time I post =]

Sweet dreams everybody!!!