Come little children...

 Sketched some Halloween kiddos.


 Funny story actually, the one in the bottom left corner has a burger and soft drink.
Why is this funny? Because last Halloween, I witnessed a kid who
would rather go get some fast food then go around and
ask for candy hahahah

That all said.... I REALLY wanna watch Hocus Pocus, but I try my DAMNEDEST to only watch it during Halloween season. Why? Because the Sanderson sisters will come after me!

Janet Jackson and taking another dump.

 So here's another instagram dump. 
This one featuring Aphrodite, Sweetie (my candy witch), a marriage, 
my DEMON CAT, me leaving a tip for great service, 
and Charlie day/kelly.

And another animation test!
 I pulled the music from Janet Jackson's "Doesnt really matter"
Test 2 - Doesnt Matter from Rico Jackson on Vimeo.

Al Hirschfeld, Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, and Whitney Houston SCREAM

Like many people, I LOVE music. 
I'm especially a fan of people who have a real musical/vocal style and gift. 
I really enjoy earlier/mid-century music. So, I made some caricatures of 3 timeless women that have also unfortunately passed, whose music I like a whole lot.

Amy Winehouse
14 September 1983 - 23 July 2011 (age 27)

Ella Fitzgerald
April 25, 1917  - June 15, 1996 (age 79)

Whitney Houston
August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012 (age 48)

These are also in my "Queens" show at 39Below Froyo in downtown Columbus.
If you can't tell, I tried my damnedest to emulate arguably the KING of line and caricature master, Al Hirschfeld!

Here's one of his selfies:

Also, here's the first of what will prolly end up being alot of animation tests

I hope all has been well and lemme know what you think! 
I know my lines are thicker his, but I think I like it that way?
Also, sorry for the abrupt ending in the test, but eh, it's a test haha