She so pretty

Tribal African Queen of the Jungle Savanna Plains

Feed back more than welcome!
 I think she looks a little too monkey like.
I'll have to go in and fix that.

Technique test

I think, I'm going to do rooms something like this, but paint my own wallpapers and things. Thoughts?
I like the cut paper look a lot, it pleases my need for graphic things =]

Sponza Atrium at night

I don't think I've posted any 3D stuff on here. This is my lighting final for my computer animation 1 class. My teacher is Mark Fitzpatrick, and he's AWESOME! 

The scene is pre-modeled and textured, so I'm only responsible for the lighting. All done in Maya.
I love color and atmosphere, and really enjoy "finessing" things, so lighting has been really fun to me.


 This is for a class assignment. I gotta do some illustrations based off the 
song Amos Moses as sung by Jerry Reed.



I'm thinking of adding bubbles?
And the original sketch!