Yummy Delicious Apple Painting

A little apple painting!



A sketch dump of sorts! Featuring, Hansel and Gretel, The Candy Witch, the Spider Witch, a baby bird, face fun and checking to see how much anatomy I know without reference =]

Centaurs doodles.

Getting to know centaurs

The Candy Witch Portrait

Made this for a possible banner =]

A quick fix/test for her poofies

Some ladies

The Candy Witch

School has started and I'm in heaven!
I'm working on a character I made last year.
I'm trying to get to know her and what she might look like!

And lastly, here's some made up sketches of dancers.

Lil update

While I haven't been posting, I have been drawing everyday. I don't wanna have ya'll worrying about me! So here's some figure studies =]

Expect several sketch dumps once I get my hands on a bigger scanner =]