Ice to meet you, Snow Princess!

My first character design for animation homework assignment!
Create and draw a character in one pose, from one angle, and write a brief description about that character.

The enemy has kidnapped the Ice Queen and is now on a destruction path, heading straight towards the Northern Frost Kingdom! It's now time for the Snow Princess, Azura, to step up and defend her people. But will she be able to chill out and get over her bottomless well of self-doubt in time?!

Alright, cool ;)

Here's some sketches of street lamps!
I tried a couple different approaches to drawing them. Some worked and some didn't. Learning is fun!

Observational sketches

Some observational sketches that also includes my first interior study! YAY! It's awful.

Momma loves baby WIP

Painting I just started earlier today! I'm really enjoying it thus far
So any critique? Suggestions, tips, or hints?

And here's a sneak peak of something else I'm working on =]

Till next time...

Start of yet another style?

Trying some stuff out, as is the theme of this summer. Critique?


I'm rather excited, although it means the end to this rather productive summer of experimentation. Sadness

Margaret got a Twitter and I really enjoy Ramen

My good friend and super talented artist, Margaret Hardy, got a Twitter!

And this picture doesn't really need explaining hahah

Mandi portrait and couple update

Today a friend asked if I would do a cartoony portrait of her! It was beyond flattering, so I did!

I also figured could be a great chance to experiment. In case you haven't noticed, the theme of this summer is experimenting =]

Also, here's another WIP update of a piece I've been working on when I get the chance.

Couple on a date

This is an update on a piece I've been working on.... how's it look so far?

Here's the first WIP I posted. This should give you a pretty good idea of what I'm going for... minus the city in the background haha

Chair studies and a trash can.

Experimenting with different ways to draw from life.
And then I colored one!

Art "E"quals Fun!

The next installment of the ABC Project!

Again, the main point of this project is to try out and experiment with different designs, styles, and methods. So, here's "E"!

LinkAs usual, what do you guys think? Any more or less successful? Critique, comments, hints, tips?

Also, if you didn't notice I used a VERY talented artist's work as style and color reference on the hat. Her name is Brittney Lee, and here's a link to the image I used: Link

Have a good day!

Wrong side of town.....


Peacock study

One of my favorite birds EVERRRRRRRRRRR

After the sun sets

Trying some things out... What do ya think?
I have a feeling that the color turned out wonky :P
And here's a WIP of another thing I started....

Evolution of Dance

Some figure drawings from the international phenomenon "Evolution of dance".

And music artists whom I really admire =] Expect fan art sooooooooon

A day out on the "C"

Spent most of my time trying out a few things with the lady in the corner. Which one do you like the most??

I haven't played Pokemon Black or White yet....And it hurts....

A day out on the "C"

These C's are rather boring haha I ended up spending most of my time trying a few things out.... mostly with the lady in the bottom right corner. Which of the three do you like the most?

Ps, I haven't played Pokemon Black or White yet, and that makes me a sad Rico...e