Bekah Nunn, Witches, and Butts

 So, here's a long promised portrait I just 
finished of one of my best friends, Bekah Nunn!

A little something about this picture. Bekah loves: 

1) TeenWolf
 So, I gave her the red hoodie of her favorite character, Stiles Stilinski.
Fun Fact: Her pet cat's name is Stiles Stilinskitty.

2)Captain America
So, I threw a star on the front of that hoodie.

3)Pacific Rim
So, I put some blue streaks in her hair like Mako's.

4) Sons of Anarchy
So, I put a spiked leather jacket on Stiles haha as he
plays with these diamond ice cube toys she got him.

Here's a little process. Wishing I had saved the sketching 
process, but there's always next time!

While we're on the topic of Bekah haha she's also 
in this image I just made. Also featuring the no good 
dirty pirate Tyler Crowley and space puppy Sarah Schmidt.

^How I see the world^
 ^Real Life^

Side note... 
I might try doing an animation 
test like "How I see the world" eh?
Stay tuned.

And I'll top things off with a little Instagram dump full of 
Witches, Cherub character designs, bus sketching, and so on.

Cheers everyone!