Lighting with Jeremy Vickery

SO, I JUST finished Practical Light and Color with Jeremy Vickery, and let me tell you, this guy knows his stuff. The lectures opened my eyes to a lot of things I had NO CLUE about, and things I thought I might have a clue about, but wasn't sure why. I could talk about it for days, but instead I'll just say I see things differently for sure. 

I made this in the midst of being inspired and enlightened. 

Jeremy is a lighter at Pixar Animation Studios, and a damn good painter too. It's no wonder he's doing lighting at a big animation studio like Pixar, cause he seems to really get lighting, color AND atmosphere!
(Find a link to his DeviantArt on the right side.)

Other than that I decided I want to starting ending each blog post with a link to something... anything really, just just depends 0.o