Flower Study and BRAVE

Here's a Flower study I did!
Things I've learned?

1) The leaves and petals of this particular flower are very wrinkled. I LIKE IT!

2) The thickness of the two sides of a leaf (And I'm assuming all leaves of any plant) gets really small before it connects to the spine of the leaf.

3) There are a lot of little hairs on the leaves and stems of this flower. It's also a little sticky.

I also discovered that there were teeny weeny dead bugs stuck to the plant. I assumed this was because the hairs and stickiness. It made me think of how some carnivorous plants do the same sort of thing. Then I got to wondering what that might look like. I mean, how do you eat something through your skin? So I drew that too haha

I also attempted drawing one of the leaves using light instead on line. To my dismay, it ended up just looking like I was drawing with shapes... And then I couldn't resist adding some line. But it's a step in the right direction right? haha

I'm SO pumped for Brave! For those who don't know, it's Pixar's upcoming film (Comes out June 22, 2012).
Here's the Trailer & Wiki as well as a little compilation of some teaser images I've found and put together.

Have a great day!